Sunday Dinner
Directed by Kevin Mead

The siblings of a large, loving and passionate Italian family gather for a meal of pasta and meatballs on Sunday evening.
Their parents of the Castellano family have passed away, and the rest of the group wants to maintain family traditions in the face of their loss.



Directed by Paul Briganti

Dan must prepare a wedding speech for his two (former) best friends.

Vimeo Staff Pick

21st Century Bogeyman

Written and Directed by Ryan Rigley


The bogeyman. For centuries, he has stood as a symbol of fear and depravity; a tool utilized by parents to scare their children into behaving. But what of the modern day bogeyman? And how did he come to be this way? Join us as we delve into the life of Buer Bixby, a professional bogeyman of the 21st century and aspiring actor.