Ms. Pickles has dinner with Roger (Jeff Goldblum), a recently divorced father looking for love.


Ms. Pickles has a secret rendezvous with a United States Senator (Tim Meadows).

Ms. Pickles goes to dinner with Joe (Rich Sommer), a simple man who can't lie to Ms. Pickles about who he really is.

Ms. Pickles ventures out to the club with her best girlfriends (Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Paula Pell) who can't get over the fact that she gets all the hot guys. What are they doing wrong?


Two Jazz lovers (Tim Robinson, Mike O'Brien) compete for Ms. Pickles love and admiration, but whose tune will be the smoothest?


The Ms. Pickles saga reaches its dramatic conclusion and Ms. Pickles finally gets found out for what she really is...

featuring Chris Gethard and Shannon O'Neill

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